Electrical Certificate of Compliance

The law requires a home owner to be in possession of an ECOC (Electrical Certificate of compliance), as do home insurance companies. This means that the seller must get a certified electrician to inspect the electrical installations. If the certificate in the seller’s possession is older than two years or if any changes have been made to the electrical installations during this time, a new one has to be issued.

The original compliance certificate must eventually be retained by the buyer after it has been presented to the conveyance attorneys, as legislation requires a property owner to produce a valid electrical compliance certificate on request to an inspector.

It is the responsibility of the home owner to check whether the electrical contractor doing any electrical installation on their property is registered with the relevant authorities.

Woodmans Electrical is a registered member of both the ECA and the ECB (Electrical Contracting Board) According to the law no property may be rented out without the landlord having a valid compliance certificate and rental agents are required to see the ECOC (Electrical Certificate of compliance) before they can assist with finding a tenant for the property.

Woodmans Electrical ensures that each electrician is fully complaint with the electrical standards with ongoing training and dedicated management.

If you need an Electrical Compliance Certificate for your home, please feel free to contact us at Woomans Electrical, servicing Ballito and Surrounding areas.