Ask your electrician these 8 Questions before hiring them

A good electrical contractor knows you should ask these questions and should be willing to answer them.

3 months ago

Solar PV generated power now has to be registered with the government

The South African government has introduced regulations requiring all power users (domestic and commercial) to register their ‘grid-tied’ and ‘off-grid’…

4 months ago

DB Boards (Distribution Boards) and electricity supply

Every home or flat has at least one DB Board to divide either the mains supply or the already divided…

5 months ago

Emergency Electrician services in Ballito 24/7 for your convenience.

You can’t always predict when there will be an electrical emergency, but that doesn’t mean that you should have to…

6 months ago

Power Inverters: Do You Really Need One?

With power outages becoming so common, many people are looking for a backup power source in case of an emergency.

7 months ago

Electrical Wiring that is faulty can be a danger to your home or business

Did you know that problems with electricity is a leading cause of death and injury in South Africa?

8 months ago

The new plug standard for South Africa brings safety first

At Woodmans Electrical, we are both relieved and excited that the country has switched to a new plug standard

9 months ago

Load shedding and power outages can damage your appliances

When the power comes back on in your area, it may do so with a transitory surge. There are a…

10 months ago