ERF 526 Installation from ground up
When starting a new construction it’s always exciting to see the plans, implement the electrical instructions and see the final result. Taking the architect, builder and owner of the house on a “job site walk through” with the plans, is of utmost importance. This walk through finalises where the DB board, switches, lights, and receptacles will be placed.

When we flip a switch, plug in an appliance or turn on a light, we are using the electrical system in a house. Communicating your immediate needs early, with possible future additions, is important to avoid extra cost after the walling and goes up.

Our new installation on ERF 526, Pigeonwood Lane Simbithi Eco Estate, Ballito. has three different floors. Our first step was to lay the conduit and piping enabling the wiring to be pulled through before the concrete was poured. Wiring for DB and emergency DB is also done on lower ground floor. After the concrete is poured, the next step is to grind walls for the positioning of plugs and light switches according to plan.

Once Woodmans Electrical starts wiring a house, every aspect of their work is controlled by regulatory codes following safe installation practices.