From energy-savers to lighting revamps, to energy-efficient appliances and the integration of solar power: You can save energy in your office.

Energy-efficient lighting for offices – and saving energy in your office with good lighting habits:
Replace all incandescent and halogen lightbulbs with LED and/or fluorescent lights. You may need to upgrade light fixtures to do this, with an initial outlay, but it will save on your energy bills enormously. When doing this, it’s important to consider the health and productivity of your office workers.

LED emits a cold blue light that can impact detrimentally. They also don’t offer a ‘warm’ atmosphere. Many energy-saver bulbs are also only available in ‘cool white’. These are not ideal either. Look for energy savers that come in ‘warm white’ or opt for fluorescent strip-lighting in ‘warm white’.

Consider the position of the lighting. Low lighting levels can be supplemented with energy-saver desk lamps – and you will still save on Watts usage.

Save energy in your office with low-power appliances:
From your kettle to office copier and printer – there are new power-saving models coming on to the market all the time. Whole outlay can be considerable, depending on what you need, energy-efficient appliance can a big difference to power usage.

Solar power solutions for your office:
From skylights to bathroom geysers, solar-powered units are easily the biggest energy-saving solutions in South Africa. If you can install solar for your office – do it. Your energy efficient lights and appliances will also extend the input from solar power.

Plan your office energy savings with an electrical contractor:
The best, and most cost-effective way to achieve the best possible energy saving in your office when replacing lighting fixtures, is to consult an electrical and lighting contractor. They can help you design in-one-go fixture and bulb replacement that will minimise the financial layout and maximise energy saving and electrical bills.

They can also help you with sourcing and replacing your old power-hungry appliances and air-conditioning units with modern, energy-saving ones. Additionally, they can advise on, and install solar power solutions, integrating your wiring to maximise solar-powered energy availability while ensuring uninterrupted power supply – helping you do the most to save huge of energy in your office.

If you need assistance with any energy savings in your office, please reach out to us and we can recommend the correct solution for you and your business.