Did you know that problems with electricity is a leading cause of death and injury in South Africa? Our country has just switched plug standards to ensure homeowner safety, but what about faulty wiring? Few people are aware of how dangerous electrical wiring can be if damaged or installed incorrectly.

While many people complain about the rising cost of electricity, it is a crucial utility. However, it’s important to educate yourself on electricity safety to avoid unnecessary injury. It can be an advantage to enquire about a electrical certificate even if you are not selling your home or business. The certificate is a thorough examination of your electrical installations and it gives you a comprehensive report on all your electrical faults.

Here are the top 3 dangers of faulty electrical wiring.

Faulty electrical wiring can cause Fire
The most significant danger of faulty electric wiring is a fire breaking out. When electrical wires are loose, frayed, cracked, or overheated, they are unable to conduct electricity properly. This all too often leads to a fire breaking out. The scariest part of having faulty electrical wiring is that a fire can break out at any time!

Faulty electrical wiring can cause a Short circuit
Faulty electrical wiring can cause a short circuit. A short circuit is when too much current flows through the electrical wiring and causes the electricity to stop working altogether. This can cause both blackouts and fires.

Faulty electrical wiring can cause Electrocution
When electric wiring isn’t properly installed– or is exposed- it can be deemed as faulty. This faulty wiring can cause electrocution if someone comes in contact with it. Electrocution can range from minor to lethal. With so much load shedding we are prone to try and fix our appliances and electrical circuits ourselves, please call your local electrician and err on the safe side.

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