I can actually visualise you scratching your head at the end of each month. Why is my holiday home electricity bill so high when no one has been in there? More money every month seems to be spent on electricity. Shocking electricity utility hikes should really make you take a good hard look at how you can save some pennies.

Maybe we should be a little more clued up on what appliances use the most energy, but that would involve using what little energy we have left after a hard days work. We take out the bill at the end of the month and just pay, pay, pay.

Most of us with holiday homes rely on an outsourced service to; rent, clean and manage our holiday homes, trusting their reports and administration. I have heard many a complaint from holiday home owners about their holiday home electricity bill after reports that no one has rented their home. The possible solution would be for these home owners to install an electricity monitor. It certainly is one of the most effective ways to evaluate what appliances are being used and to see that your home does indeed have an occupant.

What is a smart electricity monitor?
Digital smart meters are slowly replacing the old analogue meters that are read manually once a month. They automatically capture information on your electricity usage and the electric companies will then calculate your charges. The smart electronic monitors are simply electronic devices that are installed on your DB board to track and record your home electricity use. They often come with apps, so you can view your data online at any time and the more advanced ones allow you to control your appliance usage.

Why install an electricity monitoring system for your holiday home?
There are many benefits to installing an electricity monitoring system when properly installed. It can offer an understanding of consumption, time usage and control over your electricity in your holiday home. You no longer have to be kept in the dark about your holiday home rentals.

  • They offer more detailed feedback on energy use
  • They providing real-time data
  • They eliminating error readings on your electric bill from the municipality ( you now have your own metre)
  • They offer real time electricity usage, (now you know that someone is on your holiday home.)

There are many smart electricity monitors on the market, do your due diligence and find the right one to suite your needs. If in doubt call the supplier and get a detailed spec from them, you want to know exactly what you paying for.

Please Take Care: Electricity monitors should only be installed by a licensed electrician as it requires opening up the electrical panel and connecting current sensors to the service mains. Even with the main breaker switched off, the wires are still live.