One weekend about 3 years ago, Lee Woodman walked into our offices and asked us to give him a chance with our electrical compliance certificates which are need for each sold household.

All transfers require a Electrical compliance certificate to enable the transfer process to go through the deeds office. Lee sparked from the start and slowly introduced some of his workers that he had brought from Cape Town.

We in our office are unanimous in our praise of Lee and his team. We have never had a single complaint regarding his work. The manner in which he treated our sellers, and above all his impeccable ethics at all times. To sum up in a nutshell, Woodmans Electrical handle ALL our Electrical Compliance Certificates together with effecting the necessary repairs which are done with efficiency and also inexpensively.

As Lee is wanting to expand his electrical business by taking on all sorts of maintenance work as well. We will no doubt be referring him to many of our owners who live in Gauteng and need various repairs to their homes. We have NO hesitation in referring him and his team. He has fast become an asset to our area.